A Guide to Surviving Twisted Lands Insomniac

Twisted Lands Insomniac

Twisted Lands Insomniac is truly a noteworthy hidden objects game brought to us by the folks at Alawar Stargaze. A mentally challenging psychological thriller, the game's world is split into two parts: the hospital and the Twisted Lands. Which one is real and which is a fragment of Angel's mind?

Variety is the spice of life, as there are quite a number of things to do in Insomniac. There is, of course, the hidden object segment, puzzle mini games as well as object gathering and exploring. Take note that the puzzle mini games are generated randomly and are not the same for everyone.

This guide will give you an efficient route through the game as well as tips to conquering the random puzzle segments.

CHAPTER 1: Awakening Hospital

You find yourself strapped to a hospital bed with a doctor informing you of a lobotomy procedure. You must keep your wits about if you aim to get out of this strange place with your mind intact.

Talk to the doctor in order to play the tutorial. The journal button on the bottom left corner provides clues as to what you should do next. As of now it tells you to remove your leg straps.

Clicking on particular items will place them on your inventory. The first object of note is the pitcher on your bedside table. Click on it and open your inventory bar by hovering on the bottom middle icon. Choose the Pitcher you just picked up and click on the drinking glass nearby.

With the glass broken, pick up a shard. Hover the icon on your leg straps to look closer. Note that the ability to zoom in on a particular area is indicated by a magnifying glass cursor.

While the view is focused on your leg straps, pick the glass shard from your inventory bar and use it to break free.

After the brief cinematic, you get to look around your hospital room. For now, click on the bedside storage to start your first hidden object segment.

In this mode, you are given a list of objects to locate on a single screen. Remember that not everything is in plain sight so think creatively. For instance, "Crescent moon" refers to a drawing on the wall.

A hint button is found on the lower right corner of your screen. It will point out a single item from your list so use it if you ever get stuck. Finding everything rewards you with a tool to use in order to proceed to the next scenario.

Once you complete this hidden object segment, you are given a Nail file. Read the newspapers found on the wheelchair and rolled under the bed if you wish. This will give you an idea of what happened in the first Twisted Lands game covered in detail by downloadagame.co.uk. You may also peek through the bars on the door.

Once you are ready to proceed, click on the wall grate above the bed and use your nail file on the screws. Go through the newly opened exit and pick up the Crowbar along the way. Use this to pry the grate open on the next screen and proceed downstairs.

The window is sealed tight and provides no easy exit. Pushing the curtains aside reveals a cracked bath tub which you need to fill up with water. Click on the crumpled up newspaper to the right of the bath tub for more insight to the story as well as to obtain a key.

Grab the Faucet handle on the shelf above the sink and attach it on the bathtub's pipe. Use the key you just found on the left cabinet above the sink to get a Stopper. Now you can plug the hole on the bathtub and proceed to the exit.

Twisted Lands – Through the Bus and into the Morgue

You find yourself inside a dilapidated bus. Click on the seat at the right to complete another hidden object segment. Once you are done, you get a Flashlight for your efforts.

Head to the front of the bus and check the note on the windshield. These clues are stored on your diary, located below the journal at the lower left hand side of the screen. This serves as a quick reference whenever you want to remember a certain scribble or diagram to solve a puzzle.

Use the code you just found to open the glove compartment. Simply click on the square wherein a shape (vertical/column) and number (horizontal/row) meet. You obtain an antique photo album as well as a roll of Insulating tape.

Examine the ripped up picture on the steps near the door. Assemble a picture for your next clue. Note that the pieces lock in place and change color if you leave them on the correct position. After all the pieces are in the correct position, use the Insulating tape to hold them in place.

Now click on the control panel beside the steering wheel. Use the diagram at the back of the taped-up picture as your guide. Push the buttons in the same sequence as indicated to open the bus door.

Once outside, interact with the fuse box to the right and use the Flashlight to cut off power to the live wire. You can find a pair of Scissors by checking the shed to the left. You can also find a portrait for your photo album inserted between a bible inside the ambulance. Read the diary underneath it if you wish.

Proceed two screens forward to where a ghost girl greets you. Obtain the File and Hammer from the rusted toolbox to your left. To learn more about the town's mystery, read the newspaper article on the swings.

Check the pavilion to obtain an Empty bottle and watch a cut scene by clicking on Angel's bracelet on the right bench. Use the Scissors in your inventory to unwrap the gift containing a puzzle box.

One way to go about this mini game is to focus on one color at a time and to "store" like-colored gems to the edges of that side. That way, you only have to focus on rotating gems in the middle –easily pushing them to the correct panel. Opening the puzzle box gives you your second portrait as well as a Handle.

Now you can access the shed near the ambulance. Attach the Handle on the Jack-in-the-box beside the window and enter the newly opened door. Use the File on the key maker on top of the desk and proceed to the tree house.

The Hammer in your inventory fixes the broken step ladder. Open the door using the Key you got from the shed. Grab the third portrait on top of the bed as well as the Rope ladder on the floor.

Backtrack to the bus and check the handbag on the seat once again to be rewarded with Forceps.

Use the Rope ladder to get up the roof then proceed through the window by using the iron ladder. The jar on the shelves contains a Dragon ring so fish it out with the Forceps. The ring opens the morgue freezers on the side. Pull the corpse out and pry the key out of its hand. You may check the locket on its neck as well as the symbols on the freezer door.

Open the door and click on the wilted flowers to end this chapter.

CHAPTER 2: Escape Hospital

You end up back in the hospital. Grab the Broken pencil from the slippers on the floor. Click on the bedside storage and finish the hidden object segment for Nail clippers. With that, free the Wheel spoke from the wheel chair.

Checking the bedside table nets you a Reflex hammer. Use this and the Wheel spoke on the key diagram and you get your ticket out of the room.

On the room to the left is a conveniently distracted Doctor Torpse. Get the Access card from his clipboard and head down the hall to the nurse's station.

A pencil sharpener makes your Broken pencil useful. Check the notepad mentioning a new code lock and take the Sticky tape on top. Use your pencil to shade the pad's corner. You get a Flower key beside the phone on the desk.

Powder can be found inside the medicine cabinet. Now go back to your ward and use the Flower key on the box near the window to obtain a Makeup brush.

Head back to the nurse's station. Using the Powder, Makeup brush and Sticky tape on the mug below the water dispenser as well as the phone handle, you gain several Fingerprints to use on the door.

Use the Access card and Fingerprint on the panel. Enter the code from the notepad and you end up back in Twisted Lands.

Twisted Lands – Tree House and the Restless Skeleton

Pick up the Matches from the drawers and investigate the antique telephone for your first Diary lock fragment. Don't forget to take the portrait underneath the phone.

Head downstairs and check the photo by the dental chair. Further down is a torch you can light up with your Matches. With the Lit torch, melt the chains on the door and head inside.

Through to the next area in our Twisted Lands Insomniac guide, you end up in a workshop. Get the Key on top of a tank as well as another portrait on the mirror at the far wall. Take note of the roman numerals written at the corner.

Head back to the hospital corridor and open the drawer using the Key you just found. The notebook contains the numbers corresponding to the correct pressure settings of the pipes in the cellar. Be sure to grab the Hammer & chisel as well.

Head back to the cellar and use the codes on the pipes to stop the steam. Examine the window to the right for the next Diary lock fragment. You may open the window using your Hammer & chisel.

Back on the roof of the bus, open the attaché case using the roman numerals you found earlier. You are rewarded with a Silver cross for your efforts.

Now it's time to banish the nasty skeleton in the shed. First, return to the pavilion and purify the water on the bird bath. Now fill up the Empty bottle with it in order to obtain some Holy water. Use this on the skeleton in the shed to get your next Key. This can be used on the cupboard with a special lock.

Use the symbols found on the morgue's freezer door to solve the puzzle. Make sure to clear a path for the tiles in order to move it to the correct position. Afterwards, grab the Wrench and your third Diary lock fragment.

With all the fragments in your possession, head back to the tree house. Use the pieces on the Diary to start a swap puzzle.

The objective here is to assemble the pieces to show a girl with a balloon, candies and a lady bug. Simply click on two similar shaped fragments to swap them.

With the diary open, grab the numbers to open the door inside the cellar. Another hidden object segment greets you as you open the number lock door. This time, you get a pair of Scissors for finding all the items on the list.

Head back to the storage room with the etched door and cut the Hose on the right. Take note of the image behind it for a useful clue later on. With the Wrench, remove the Tap from the tank and use it on the gas barrel outside the window of the previous room. Now connect the Hose to give the Chainsaw useable.

Click on the number lock door once again for another hidden object segment. This time, you gain a heart-shaped Photo.

Give the morgue's corpse some peace by inserting the Photo in his locket. With him out of the way, you get a Metal disc. This can then be used on the lion's shield near the Pavillion for a puzzle.

To make things easier, simply focus on one color at a time. Rotate the middle disc to reveal one slot's color and note the location of the same-colored ball. Now push all the others into the outer slots to clear a path for the correct piece –make sure the goal slot is empty. Rinse and repeat to get a Lens for solving the puzzle.

Head back to the tree house and go forward a screen. You may now cross the threshold by using your Chainsaw on the dried up tree to finish the second chapter.