The Walking Dead Seasons 1 to 5 Review

The Walking Dead television series is based on the graphic novels created by Robert Kirkman Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. Andrew Lincoln plays as sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes, the show's lead. The story kicks off with him waking from a coma only to find that the world has been turned upside down in the months prior. He finds his way out of the abandoned hospital, braving the undead-infested streets to find his wife and son.

The Walking Dead Seasons 1 to 5 Review

Reunited with Family

With some help along the way, he does and together with a group of survivors, the family fights to survive in a hostile world filled with walkers and biters (the terms used for zombies in the series). If rotting flesh and foot-shuffling don't sound like your idea of a compelling watch, then Walking Dead's dramatic take on the zombie apocalypse may just change your mind.

Excellent Heroes, Amazing Actors

What makes everything work is that the casting is brilliant. You may not think so at first glance, as the cast consists mostly of under the radar actors. However, choose any single one of the episodes and all your worries will dissipate. It was as if they were made for their individual roles. There's fleet-footed Glenn (Steven Yeun) whose quick thinking has gotten the group out of countless dire situations. Michonne (Danai Gurira) who put a couple of walkers on a leash so she can weave her way, undetected, through infested territory. Carol (Melissa McBride) one of the older members of the group who uses the years of abuse she has suffered under her husband to protect her new family. She shares a close bond with Darryl (Norman Reedus) who is loyal and, basically, an all-around badass.

We could go on and on about this as the show has had many actors come and go throughout its run. Having a varied cast of characters allows room for very interesting moral dilemmas. What fascinates us is that each one has a distinct voice, shaped not only by their fictional characters' experiences but by the energy of the actors that portray them.

Expect Plenty of Deaths and Plot Twists

Not to spoil anything for those who have yet to watch the show, some actors have even confessed to experiencing real grief when it's time for one of their co-stars to go. The raw acting truly adds something special to the high-strung tension as the prevailing mood of the scenes are felt in full. It was revealed in an interview that even the walkers loved being on set. They had snacks and chatted while on costume, which was surely a feat considering that some are depicted with broken jaws. The level of professionalism and passion shines through even the most mundane of episodes.

The Walking Dead Seasons 1 to 5 Review

As for negatives, well we have very little in the greater scope of things. The most major one would have to be Season 2's slower pacing. The season was focused more on the Grimes family and everything (or everyone) that comes in between. Although it seemed essential to Rick's character development, the love-triangle dragged on and on, stealing the spotlight from everything else, for too long. That aside, we have no other qualms for even the most hateable villains (we're looking at you, Governor) are shaped and delivered so well that they manage to add some spice to the show.

Five Seasons and Counting

The cast has grown alongside the series -- some, even in the literal sense as the case is with Chandler Riggs as Carl. We see them get better and better each season, leaving us in eager anticipation for the next. As the television series takes a few liberties (in a similar sense as the Walking Dead Games do too) when it comes to basing off its source material, it manages to surprise even the most dedicated readers. In contrast to the graphic novels' consistently dark world where death and misery lurks in every corner, the show allows for some hope to shine through. For the most part, that flame is extinguished eventually but then a new one comes along, ready to tide the group (and the viewers) over until the next exhilarating shit storm. And here we are, waiting for the next fix.

Bottom line is, if you're a firm believer that people can be just as bad as the zombie apocalypse, watch Walking Dead. However, if you're after something a tad more humorous and you want to see the nasty foot-shufflers die using books and other creative objects, well, you have Z Nation for that.