Deep Blue Sea vs Jaws

Deep Blue Sea vs Jaws

Deep Blue Sea and Jaws are both terrific shark attack movies with probably Jaws being the better known due to it having been made decades ago plus it is a movie trilogy. So, which film do we prefer? Read on to see if you agree with our verdict!

The Movie Storylines


Jaws was the first of these two movies to be released (1975) therefore had the shock factor all sewn up by the time Deep Blue Sea came along. Jaws for anyone who has not seen the film is about a great white shark that is found in the waters off the pleasant seaside town of Amity. The discovery of a mutilated body on the beach leads to an investigation that attributes the injuries sustained, to a great white shark. Chief Brody, played by Roy Scheider wants the beaches closed until the shark has been caught but the mayor of the town wont hear of it. Consequently further attacks occur until Chief Brody along with a marine biologist, played by Richard Dreyfuss and a local fisherman played by Robert Shaw go in search of the shark and eventually kill it but not until after the shark claims the life of the fisherman.

The movie is excellent plus is full of tension, while those of us who like action plus don’t mind a little blood and gore (that is unavoidable if a shark attack is to be portrayed in all its glory) found Jaws edge of the seat stuff. Directed by Steven Spielberg this movie is easily brought to mind on hearing its unmistakable award winning theme music written by John Williams that adds atmosphere and tension to the whole piece.

Deep Blue Sea

The story in Deep Blue Sea is from a totally different perspective to Jaws as it is not simply a matter of a great white shark appearing in the waters attacking people. Scientists are investigating the causes of Alzheimers disease, using sharks as the guinea pigs in the experiments. All this takes place under water in a lab and the real action begins when a shark escapes attacking a ship plus the people on it who luckily escape so are able to alert the world to what has happened. It soon becomes apparent that the shark’s brains have taken on some form of human intelligence enabling them to work out the layout of the station therefore work out how to escape.

The scientist played by Saffron Burrows along with the head of the company that finances the laboratory played by Samuel L Jackson plan an escape bid before they can being attacked and eaten by the sharks:, while there are plenty of shark attacks between the start of the escape plan to the end. Deep Blue Sea 1999 came along some twenty five years after Jaws and offers a different take on a shark attack movie although it is too, edge of the seat watching,with great special effects that do outshine the effects in Jaws to a certain extent.

There are unexpected outcomes in the story such as the scene where the cook played by L L Cool J hides in an oven to escape from the sharks only for the sharks to turn up the oven temperature to 500c, what a way to go! This movie does have more of an action movie ring to it than Jaws plus just when you think you know what is about to happen next it shocks you with some unexpected outcome. Directed by Renny Harlin we wouldn’t say that Deep Blue Sea is an all time classic, unlike Jaws, that is as classic now as it was back in 1975.


As you may have guessed Jaws wins every time: for us when it comes to a great shark attack movie. Jaws has a classic cast in Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw and is a typical Steven Spielberg offering that bears all the superb hallmarks of one of his movies. The music alone is unforgettable, while it seems to us that the Jaws Trilogy has it all sewn up when it comes to shark movies plus will always be the original in this genre.

Pro’s and Cons of Both Films


1. Jaws encapsulates the classic format of a good thriller with the hero fighting the villain and ultimately destroying him

2. The films violent scenes are palatable but gory enough to satisfy the more blood thirsty viewer

3. The main actors in the film are well known classical actors

4. Jaws is a great classic summer movie release

5. The musical score is legendary, won many awards and is instantly recognisable from its first three notes

6. Jaws was so influential that it virtually created the fear of sharks felt by some bathers known as selachophobia

7. This movie unfortunately helped give the great white shark – its predatory destructive reputation

8. Vigilante attacks on sharks increased phenomenally following the movies release

9. The film did however increase interest in sharks by humans

Deep Blue Sea

1. The story in Deep Blue Sea is a warning as to how scientific experimentation can sometimes have startling consequences

2. The special effects in the movie are spectacular

3. The story is believable with each scene a situation that could possibly occur

4. All the films characters are solid and believable too

5. The music throughout tries to emulate the theme from Jaws (unsuccessfully in our opinion)

6. The fear of sharks is not heightened in this film as the story involves sharks that are being experimented on, manipulated plus do not attack for attacks sake, they are seeking revenge

7. The shark attack scenes are violent and realistic which is great for some of us, while those of us who don’t like effects to be too graffic found them a little too blood thirsty

8. In some scenes where you think the escape route is obvious characters annoyingly opt for the more difficult alternative making the viewer want to shout at their stupidity

9. Too many deaths for our liking with not enough survivors